Patient Information

Prepare for Your Visit

We are honored you have chosen our office for your care. So you can have the best experience possible please help us prepare for your first appointment:

  1. Please complete the online registration from the link at the top including all insurance information and hit “Submit”.  If you have medical/dental insurance cards please bring these to your appointment.
  2. If you have HMO insurance, please have the primary physician or dentist make an insurance referral as required by your plan 1 week before your appointment.
  3. Please bring any written notes or x-rays from the referring doctor to your appointment.  They can be emailed directly to us at [email protected]
  4. If you are planning to have sedation or anesthesia, you cannot have anything to eat or drink 8 hours prior to the appointment and must have an escort drive you.  You should take any regularly prescribed medication unless told by your doctor specifically not to take them.

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