FAQ Billing Department

Will I Be Charged For My Office Visit?

Photo of oral surgery patients and staff working out billing options
Our surgeons charge for office visits and consultations. We will send a claim to your insurance company of record for the office visit. However, you are responsible for all copays and deductibles at the time of your visit. You will be billed for any balance your insurance company has identified as your responsibility.

Are You Gong To Bill My Medical Or Dental Insurance?

While Dr. Kienle, Dr. Steinkeler and Dr. Gunawardena are both a “Medical Doctor, MD” AND a “Doctor of Dental Surgery, DDS/DMD” there is no single answer to this question. Every patient they treat has a unique and specific condition. Please be prepared to have both your Medical and Dental Insurance Information with you when you arrive for your first visit, including your medical and dental insurance cards.

When Do I Have To Pay My CoPayments and Deductibles?

All copays and deductibles are to be paid at the time of your office visit and/or surgery. It is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage and benefits. Please verify your coverage with your insurance carrier prior to any office visit, consultation, procedure, or surgery.

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