Questions Frequently Asked of the Doctor

Will I get local anesthesia when I am sedated or under general anesthesia?

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Yes as long as there are no contraindications like allergic reactions to local anesthesia. Local anesthesia allows you to wake up pain-free and reduces the amount of sedation or general anesthesia that is given. It provides a safer and more comfortable surgical experience.

Do you use dissolvable sutures?

Yes, most of the sutures we use are dissolvable. This type of suture is more comfortable and you do not have to undergo uncomfortable suture removal procedures.

Why do I need sutures?

Sutures are required anytime surgery is done and a wound is created. Sutures allow the tissue to heal precisely. Suturing also prevents post-operative tissue movement and decreases post-operative pain.

Are you a specialist and are you board certified?

Yes, we are specialists in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery this is the surgical specialty of Dentistry. It requires at least four additional years of training after dental school.

Why are you both a physician and a dentist?

It is important that surgeons possess the best training and qualifications possible. This allows us to provide you with the best personalized comprehensive care. Today with all the complexity of medical and surgical issues it is important that your surgeon is trained in medicine, dentistry, and surgery.

Are your surgery centers certified?

Yes, all of our surgical centers are certified by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is the national organization that certifies hospitals and health care facilities and is the only one recognized by federal and state governments. We are the only Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Centers in the Delaware Valley that have earned this accreditation.

Do you do surgery in the office?

All of our offices are fully accredited surgical centers. Most of the surgery we do is performed as an outpatient in our surgery centers. This provides you with a convenient, safe, and cost-effective environment to undergo many types of oral surgical procedures. Patients with significant medical problems or more complex procedures may need to have their surgery done in the hospital.

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